Vote now

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

By the time you read this, voting will have begun on our Best of Northern Nevada readers’ poll. Have a strong opinion about which joint is Northern Nevada’s best Vietnamese restaurant? Or the best music teacher? Or the best plastic surgeon? The best strip club? The best church? Now’s the time to express it.

We take a lot of pride in facilitating this contest. I always smile when I walk into a restaurant or business I’ve never visited before and see an “RN&R Best of Northern Nevada” plaque up on the wall. The Best Of issue is always one of our most popular issues every year, and it’s an important chance to hear from y’all on what you think are the best places, things and, most importantly, people in our community. Other local media outlets have tried to launch contests like this, but they’ve all faded or folded after a few years. We remain the definitive source for the Best of Northern Nevada.

I think part of what we do right is that our contest is all write-in. You, dear readers, pick your favorites. You don’t select from a handful of nominees already whittled down by some snobby editor or, worse yet, an ad seller. You tell us what you think, what you like. The website does have an auto-complete function, based on winners from previous years, to help make things easier, but write in whatever you like.

Only one ballot per email address, and you have to vote in at least 10 categories. (There are hundreds to choose from.) If you own a business or something, campaigning on social media is encouraged, but don’t try to stuff our ballot boxes. We will catch you.

Big thanks to John Bisignano and Brian Breneman for getting the contest up and running online quickly and easily.

Check out the promo on page 12 for all the details. Or just go straight over to and get to voting.