Visiting local studios

Artouring shows tourists that there’s more to Reno than casinos

Papermaker Ingrid Evans at work in her Reno studio.

Papermaker Ingrid Evans at work in her Reno studio.

For more info, call 826-3655 or visit

Tours of local artists’ studios give visitors a chance to see another side of Reno—the cultural side. That’s the theory behind Toni Lowden’s Artouring business.

“It’s a side of Nevada that’s mostly hidden when you drive down Virginia Street,” Lowden says. “You see people here for conventions, and I’ve seen women standing outside, looking up and down the street, thinking, ‘What am I going to do all day while my husband’s in a meeting?’ “

That’s why Lowden started taking small groups on trips to visit watercolor painters, paper-makers and potters. Tourists love it. Artists love it.

“We’ve gotten to the point where artists are calling us,” she says. “Even the most diligent artists who work full time in their studios occasionally have to come up for air and do some networking. And occasionally, a visit will lead to a studio sale.”

This summer, Lowden plans three-hour trips on Wednesdays and Saturdays in July to visit local artists like David Dory, Valerie Estvan, Jill Altman and Dale Pappas. Locals interested in visiting art studios are welcome to join the tours. Each tour includes three studio visits and artist demonstrations. The cost is $30. Reservations are required. On July 13, Lowden plans an all-day trip to the Lake Tahoe ARTour. The cost is $50. For more info, call 826-3655 or visit

July 3 Ken Heitzenrader (watercolors/au plein air) Hannah Willis (raku/pottery) Carol Pallesen (handmade books)

July 10 Polly Peacock (mixed media/clay sculpture) Jutta Gietl (copper/metalwork) David Dory (oil pastel painting/airbrush) Viewing of Marilyn Monroe photography

July 13 Lake Tahoe ARTour

July 17 Jimmie Benedict (quilted, embroidered clothing) Ingrid Evans (handmade paper/fiber art) Linda Yaxley (glass beads/raku/mixed media)

July 20 Gini Campbell Annis (oil painting) Fred Boyce (landscape/wildlife painting) Dale Pappas (pottery/raku)

July 24 Patty Atcheson Melton (pastel painting) Michael Smith (marble sculpture) Roy Herrick (mosaic sculpture)

July 27 J. Shonnard (watercolor painting) Valerie Estvan (landscape painting) Robert Cinkel (oil painting)

July 31 Jill Altmann (handwoven/knit garments) Cheryln Bennett (gourds/watercolors) Ralph Bennett (pen/ink drawing) Toni Lowden (tapestry weaving/painting)