Vetoing voter choice

The two biggest political disasters of my 66-year-old existence have taken place because of a dreadful, outdated institution called the Electoral College. The bizarre machinery of this rank thing has made possible the elections of the two worst presidents in U.S. history, and that’s not opinion, that’s fact. It’s not even close. Dubya was the hands-down winner of that unfortunate title until Dum Dum the Malevolent Mob Boss showed up. Is it a coincidence that the two Lamest Effing Morons ever to occupy the White House also just happened to lose the national popular vote? Methinks not. It was only the twisted reality of the E.C. that saved the day for Republicans, and the result has been nothing less than incalculable damage to both people and planet.

So I was shocked when I saw that our new Democratic Governor Sisolak vetoed the Nevada version of the National Popular Vote Bill, a measure that would abolish the accursed E.C. once and for all. Not just shocked, but out and out gobsmacked. Here’s how the NPV bill would perform this urgently needed mercy killing—if states comprising a total of 270 electoral votes pass it, the Wrecktoral College is dead. Poof. Just like that. The President would then be elected by a national popular vote, as in the candidate with the most votes wins. What a concept. Pretty complex, I know, but I’m guessing most Americans could eventually learn to cope.

So Sisolak vetoed it. Unbelievable. We were all set to toss our puny little six-pack of chump change electoral votes down the sewer hole of history, where it belongs, and Sisolak then fired up his political air ball. He defended this rank brain fart with some weakass twaddle about how Nevada would have a diminished role in choosing the blah, blah, blah and you know what, Governor Steve? You just screwed up. Big time. How could you? Goddammit, WTF were you thinking?

By comparison, our neighbors in Oregon just signed the NPV bill into law. With Oregon’s 12 Electoral Votes, the national tally now stands at 196, culled from 16 states ranging in size from Delaware to California. That means only 74 more electoral votes from any combination of states are needed to kill this ancient absurdity that sprang from the minds of elitist, racist, sexist slavers wearing really stupid powdered wigs. Our six votes would’ve helped the cause.

It would’ve sent a nice message. A real nice message. And I’ll tell you this, Gov. Steve—I bet Chris Giunchigliani would’ve signed that sumbitch into law.