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Louie Louie

In 1964, a complaining mother wrote to Attorney General Robert Kennedy, “The lyrics are so filthy that I can-not [sic] enclose them in this letter.” In the movie Coupe de Ville, Patrick Dempsey, Daniel Stern and Arye Gross argue over whether it’s a dance song, a hump song or a sea shanty. The FBI and Federal Communications Commission both investigated its lyrics. It is “Louie Louie,” a song whose legend was enlarged by the bad diction of its popularizers, the Kingsmen. That recording is included on an album of 11 versions of the song, along with those of Paul Revere and the Raiders, Charlie and the Tunas, and the University of Washington marching band. It’s a shame the Deltas’ version from Animal House was not included to make a nice round dozen.