Vantage Point

Rated 3.0

An attempted assassination of the U.S. President (played by William Hurt) is seen from various angles, or “vantage points.” It’s an interesting idea pulled off decently by director Pete Travis, who has a good cast in tow. Dennis Quaid plays a frazzled Secret Service agent just a few months removed from getting shot in the line of duty. Matthew Fox of Lost fame plays his buddy and former agent, responsible for getting Quaid back to the job and into the hornet’s nest. Forest Whitaker is good as an American tourist who is filming everything on tape, while Sigourney Weaver is slightly irritating as a TV news director. Not everything in the film works, but the intriguing concept is coupled with sharp action directing. The politics of the movie get very heavy-handed, but that doesn’t take away from the cool car chases and solid Quaid performance.