Utility receives award

NV Energy placed seventh on a list of the top ten electric utilities adding new solar power to their systems, compiled by Smart Electric Power Alliance, formerly called the Solar Electric Power Association.

“This year’s utility solar market survey truly shows the dynamic nature of the sector, and the positive, proactive role utilities are playing in the energy transition in our country,” said SEPA President Julia Hamm. “Utilities are responding to consumer interest in solar with cost-effective, innovative programs that provide benefits to their customers and the grid.”

NV Energy is currently in a dispute over its request, granted by the Nevada Public Utilities Commission, to reduce the payments homeowners receive for supplying solar power to the utility and adding a fee homeowners must pay for access to the grid. NV Energy said customers with rooftop solar were being subsidized by other customers, but an independent study said no such thing was happening.

A referendum petition to overturn the payments and fee is being circulated for signatures.