U.S. House members fault Gibbons

Congress, which is usually faulted for failing to move quickly, is being criticized these days for having moved too fast on a variety of legislation, including the stimulus and health care.

U.S. Reps. Shelley Berkley and Dina Titus are firing back, asking why the Gibbons administration is being so slow about creating jobs with federal stimulus funds.

“Under the Recovery Act, Nevada received more than $201 million in formula funding for ‘shovel ready’ highway and bridge projects. … It is inexcusable that Nevada ranked 46 out of 51 in its implementation of this critical component of the Recovery Act,” the two congressmembers wrote in a letter to Gov. Jim Gibbons.

State officials said the bid process had held up the state’s efforts to use the money, though they did not explain why bidding did not slow down other states, as well.