Us against them

Thank you, Sen. Murkowski. Thank you, Sen. Collins. Thank you, Sen. McCain. Your considerate and courageous votes will save thousands of decent Americans—me, for one—much physical and financial pain and will probably save thousands from actual premature deaths. You three are true heroes, in the literal sense of the word. In the end, all we can say is Thank You and let you know that you have our sincere and lasting gratitude.

I got the distinct feeling that McCain truly enjoyed his dramatic moment, which has to be one of the great moments in Senate history. It seemed that his thumbs down was mostly for McConnell, that thumb expressing complete disapproval, disdain and detestation for the abhorrent process that resulted in “The Skinny Bill.” I also got the feeling that the other hand gesture in the Senate at that thumbing moment, a figurative but no less intense gesture, was a big fat bird for Dum Dum, the stiff upright middle finger of a gnarly old coot saying, “So, Trump, you like guys who don’t get captured? Well, capture this. Asshole.”

McCain knew it was very likely going to come down to his vote, that he was going to be The Man to tell Mitch no go and Trump that he could forget about getting the “win” that he so desperately wanted. Many senators would have shrunk from that glaring limelight. McCain, god bless him, appeared to positively relish it.

Actually, though, how tough is it to vote against a bill that is hated by 85 percent of the U.S.? I mean, it’s a little over the top for me to be singing the high praises of McCain, Murkowski and Collins simply because they dared to vote against an absolute POS that Americans absolutely loathed. Should have been one of the easier “no” votes in voting history. And yet, this is where we are at. But we shouldn’t forget, we came within one stinking lousy little vote of having some wretched version of Trumpcare shoved up our asses by Republican senators and congressmen. One vote. Which reminds me to remind you: The true enemy of the American people is—still—the Republican Party.

I’m sorry to say I was right about Heller. I predicted at the start of all this that he would roll with Mitch. Oh, he waffled nicely with his Sandoval maneuver. Faked my ass out big time. But, in the end, it was not to be. Too bad. You’ll probably get through the primary, Deano, having voted for this horror. But, November—?