Up, up and away

Activities for kids and teens


Archery is arguably the most popular sport of the year, highlighted in films like The Hunger Games, The Avengers and Brave. But instead of spending hundreds of dollars investing in a bow and arrows, there are some cheaper options for all skill levels.

Wasting Arrows provides all of the equipment needed to participate in shooting arrows, where an archer aims at flying disks in the air. The company is owned and run by two USA archery certified instructors (see “Straight shot,” June 28). Visit www.wastingarrows.com.

Scheels at Legends in Sparks has an indoor archery range, and offers an Archery 101 course for kids ages 4-12. And it’s free. Check out www.scheels.com/events for more info. Cabela’s also has an archery range within its facility. Visit www.cabelas.com.


Sword fighting has long been a hobby for fantasy lovers, but it’s been hard to ignore the infiltration of sword weaponry in all genres. Even zombie show The Walking Dead revealed a mysterious sword-wielding character in its season finale, so who knows where fencing will pop up next.

In the meantime, check out Reno Silver Blades Fencing Academy, which offers lessons for kids and adults of all ages. It also hosts competitive fencing and tournaments. Check out options at www.renosilverblades.org/Home.html.

High Desert Fencing has a Kinder Class for children ages 4-6, and several youth classes for older kids. Learn more at www.highdesertfencing.com.

Horseback riding

Heck, we’re in Nevada, so horseback riding seems like a must for any little adventurer. While Snow White and Brave’s protagonist Merida made it look simple to ride and wield weapons—while wearing dresses, no less—beginners should start with a lesson.

Reno Riding has group classes for children starting at $40 per child for an hour and a half session. Other options are available at http://renoriding.com/?page_id=8.

Reno-Tahoe Equestrian Centre has a Riding Academy and has lessons for kids ages 5-17. Rates vary, so learn more at www.renotahoearabians.com/riding_academy/index.shtml.

Rock climbing

With the popularity of parkour—the sport of finding the fastest way across an obstacle course—and the revamped Spider-Man’s stunts over New York City, it’s tempting to scale Reno City Hall. But it’s probably best to climb in a controlled environment. And wear a harness.

Rock Sport has classes, camps and team activities for all ages. A day pass and equipment cost around $15. www.rocksportreno.com/

Besides CommRow BaseCamp’s famously tall outdoor climbing wall, there are smaller walls inside for kids and teens. Day passes range from $8-12, and rental equipment is $5. www.commrow.com/BaseCamp.asp

Aerial silks

Batman and Spider-Man make it look so easy to fly around suspended in mid-air, but it takes a lot of core strength to pull that off. Aerial silks are a challenging and unique form of acrobatics and dance.

Fascinating Rhythm Dance offers an aerial silks class every Saturday from 11:45-12:30 p.m. Learn more at www.frdance.net.

In Motion Studio of Dance also has aerial silks classes for various skill levels. Visit www.inmotionstudioofdance.com/dance_home/schedule/ for more information.