Rated 3.0

Harvey Weinstein is, and always was, a disgusting pig of a human being. This documentary about his despicable ways and abuse of power and women doesn’t have to work too hard to illustrate the fact that this guy is a menace. Victims of his abuse, past coworkers actresses such as Rosanna Arquette offer up first-hand accounts of Weinstein’s crimes, including actual recordings of Weinstein trying to coerce people into sex. That he got away with what he did for so long isn’t something that this movie necessarily delves into, but it does give some people a deserved chance to tell their story, and help expose this guy as a monster. The film, appropriately, closes with the rise of the Me Too movement, which has coincided with the end of this fuckhead’s career. He’s managed to tie up his cases in court and pay a lot of people off, but he’s not coming back from this mess this time. Have fun trying to evade justice, Harvey. You deserve all of the pain being bestowed upon you. (Available for streaming on Hulu.)