UNR’s international dinner

April 11 will be the pinnacle of the year for the University of Nevada’s International Club, as the club hosts its annual celebration, Night of All Nations.

“It’s a rare opportunity for Renoites to experience foreign culture,” says Yuko Miyazaki, I-Club public relations director.

The event will run from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., drawing entertainment from all regions of the globe, including Middle Eastern belly dancing, South American guitar music and Filipino martial arts. Admission is free. So is food.

Dinner will be served at 40 booths, which feature various nations or organizations, such as the African Students and Scholars Association. Other booths will include videos, native clothes and cultural artifacts, such as toys or dolls.

Last year, the I-Club hosted 1,800 guests. More guests than expected came from the outside community, Miyazaki said, not just UNR’s 700-plus international students. This year, the I-Club plans on 2,000 guests.

This year’s theme is a reaction to the Iraq war: “All Nations, One World in Peace.”