Impeachment spreads
UNR student Vice President Antonio Trillo is the target of an impeachment.

The student government’s Executive Board has opened an impeachment inquiry based on a complaint from two student senators, Mikel Alvarez and Allison Tracy, that Trillo has mishandled repeated Publications Board meetings. They say he prepared incorrect agendas for meetings on Sept. 9 and Nov. 18, failed to prepare any agendas for meetings on Oct. 21, Dec. 2 and Dec. 8 and cancelled a Sept. 23 meeting so he could play in a golf tournament.

Trillo told the Sagebrush that the complaint is designed to taint him in the minds of students going into the next student government election. But the two senators say it’s a matter of Trillo’s lack of management skills. Alvarez represents the business administration college. Tracy is a liberal-arts senator.

Officials of UNR’s student government—known as the Associated Students of the University of Nevada—can be impeached (accused) by a two-thirds vote of the student Senate. Removal from office requires a three-fourths vote.

If history is an indication, an impeachment probe doesn’t necessarily have to be the kiss of death at UNR’s polls. In 1979, impeachment charges were brought against four student senators for repeated absenteeism. The four were not impeached but were reprimanded. Less than a week after the reprimand, one of the four, Elizabeth Contri, won the primary election for student vice president and went on to win the general election.