Uma’s a badass

On the set of Pulp Fiction, writer-director Quentin Tarantino thought up a revenge story for Uma Thurman, a project that would take nine years to materialize. When it came time to deliver a finished product, Tarantino and his producers realized they had a lot of movie on their hands, so a movie series was born. Now, Vol. 1 comes to DVD looking terrific, just in time for the big-screen release of Vol. 2. Uma Thurman becomes an all-time movie-heroine badass with this film as The Bride, a woman betrayed on her wedding day by evil crime lord Bill (David Carradine, who has a much bigger part in the next chapter). Tarantino focuses on the action for this one, and proves himself a master of the genre, staging some of the more fascinating fight sequences to grace the screens last year (Thurman’s showdown with Lucy Liu is a triumph).

Special Features: Tarantino has revealed that a special edition of Kill Bill won’t be released until after Vol. 2 has completed its theatrical run. As with the Lord of the Rings films, this DVD is a precursor to what should be the real deal DVD to be released later. Fans who can’t wait can make due with this one, which offers the excellent film and a short making-of documentary.

Movie: A+

Special Features: D-

DVD Geek Factor: 5