U2 3D

Rated 4.0

When it comes to writing mistakes, I generally like to move past them and pretend they never happened. But, I’ve been genuinely moved by the constant influx of letters telling me how stupid I am for stating the wrong name for U2’s drummer in my long review for this film, so I just wanted to say thanks, and acknowledge how freaking moronic I can sometimes be. Anyway, U2’s drummer Dave Grohl (just kidding … Larry Mullen, Jr.) looks and sounds great in this full concert experience that puts the Bono man in your face and makes dumb girls watching concerts on their boyfriend’s shoulders a great thing. The set list is terrific, the performances are top notch and, yes, the 3-D effects are remarkably cool. 3-D films for huge touring bands should be mandatory. The ticket is cheaper, nobody spills beer on you and nobody grabs your butt, unless the folks in the movie theaters you attend are especially perverted.