Tying one on

Welcome to the RN&R’s 2020 Nightlife Guide

Well, here it is, probably my final Reno News & Review Guide. Of course it's more than a disappointment to be writing these words when there are so many great stories left to tell, but I'm glad that I could leave you with our Nightlife Guide—my favorite of our yearly calendar.

But the timing of this year's guide is far from ideal, as all of Reno's bars and clubs will be closed by order of the governor when this issue is published. You can read more about our reasoning behind sticking to our original publication date in the story on page 5, but the gist of it is: while our paper may be coming to an end, Reno's nightlife will return, eventually, and the businesses in the following pages will need your support until then. That, and the hard work of our freelance writers in putting these stories together convinced me that, if you can't go to the bars, restaurants and dispensaries in person—you can at least read about them.

On page 7. Andrea Heerdt tracked down some of the harder-to-find watering holes in town—since they tend to move around. Bars on wheels have become a more common sight in Reno, and if you can't drive to the bar, hopefully they'll be able to drive to you sometime in the coming weeks.

However, booze is only half of the equation for a night out in Reno. Since we're one of the few states where cannabis, in its many forms, is legal, I decided to conduct a little survey of some of the town's budtenders and bartenders alike to categorically answer the question, is booze or weed better? You can read that story on page 11.

With more news from the city's cannabis biz, Julia Moreno caught up with the owner and staff of a local dispensary who are envisioning what the future of Nevada's open consumption laws might look like if they get their with the state's legislature. You can read her story on page 12.

Of course, a night out has to include a little music—no matter the genre, no matter the vibe. Our resident music guru Mark Earnest put together his list of the best venues to catch a live show in Reno on page 15

Finally, on page 18, writer Temi Durojaiye decided to take a tour of Reno's hottest gay bars—and enjoyed themself so much they might make it a weekly tradition when the doors are open again.

Thank you for reading, everyone. I say that every guide because your picking up the paper ensured that I could put together the next guide for you—a job I've enjoyed very much, and will miss dearly. Since the RN&R is shutting its doors, though, you picking up this issue has no bearing on what I do in the coming weeks. Instead, reading this issue means you're supporting our local businesses at the time they need it most. And that's something I'm extremely proud to have been a part of.

Best regards,

Matt Bieker