Two Brothers

Rated 4.0 Awwwww! The baby tigers in this movie are so damned cute! Jean-Jacques Annaud, who made the beautiful The Bear, tells this enchanting story of two tiger cubs separated at birth, only to be put in a death cage match one year later. Guy Pearce, a rather selfish man with a few lessons to learn, plays the hunter whose actions result in the cubs’ separation. The tigers in this film are some of the more amazing creatures you will see in a movie this year, and they are filmed lovingly by Annaud. Some of the human elements are a bit thin, but that’s no matter because the true stars of this film are the tigers, and they get plenty of screen time. I walked away from the film with a greater appreciation for the great cats, a species that is currently endangered. Parents, make sure to tell your kids that this is only a movie and that the average tiger should not be approached and kissed on the nose.