Trump’s conduct and ours

This week’s Let That Sink In Moment—“The President is a clear and present danger to the security of the United States.”

In fact, it’s obvious that’s the dominant theme of the last two years here in Trumpistan—that every week, there’s a brand new Let That Sink In Moment!

OK, Dems. We’re in. We’re running the House. It’s ours. So let’s get to work. Things To Do List includes (1) get Dum Dum’s taxes (2) get the phone records from Don, Jr., to the Old Man for June 9, 2016 (3) subpoena and interview the interpreter who sat in with Asshole and Daddy Vlad (4) subpoena Tillerson on those same Putin sessions. Why not? Rex hates Trump almost as much as we do. He’ll spill the finest in quality beans.

And, please, on this last point, let’s stop pussyfooting around on this issue of Trump being Putin’s bitch boy. Of course he is. There’s no benefit of the goddamn doubt! And this outrageous revelation about Trump taking control of the notes of his Putin meetings and telling the interpreter to shut up. Well, gee, what do you think is going on? It ain’t rocket science, folks!

New Quinnipiac Poll shows that 56 percent thinks The Shutdown is Trump’s baby, while 36 percent put the blame on the Dems. The only reason I post these numbers is because they seem to be a fairly accurate indicator of the current mental state of the USA. Which is to say, 56 percent of us now have full-blown TDS (Trump Detestment Syndrome) while 36 percent are full-tilt Orange Kool-Aid guzzlers in Cult 45. Sound about right? I can live with those stats. Because with those numbers, guess who wins every bleeping election?

So you think Vlad is OK with the federal government of the United States being closed? You think he’s pleased? And since Trump obviously can’t say “no” to Big Daddy, what does that mean in terms of our nuclear weapons and delivery systems? Does Vlad now know a lot more about our nuclear subs? Does he have new great intel on the bombers of the Strategic Air Command? Does he know our freaking nuclear codes? Just wondering.

What about banking information? Grid data? Does Putin now have crucial data that would allow him to more easily paralyze us via digital technology and computers? Has Agent Orange now thoroughly compromised the United States to please the Russian masters who completely own his mottled ass?

With every other president in history, such a question was unthinkable. With Trump, it’s not. Isn’t that special?