Trump: The public’s fault

A memorable moment in my first exposure to radio consultants came when The Rep told us we needed to remember one truth if our station wanted to rack up big ratings. “The masses,” he informed us, “are asses.” One of the notable columnists of the 20th century, H. L. Mencken, once said, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” (I’m paraphrasing.)

In other words, it’s been known for quite some time that a considerable segment of our population is dumber than a sack of boogers.

There is, of course, a very good reason the media avoids this particular story. It’s not all that productive, after all, to call your customers morons. Doing this has a way of cutting rather quickly into your cash flow.

But after seeing a couple of polls over the weekend, I’m reminded that we are being flagellated with Trumpco’s brazenly corrupt government mainly because the American people fucked up and fucked up badly. I mean, Dum Dum didn’t just roll up to the White House in a tank and take over. He won an election. People actually voted for this asshole. Lots of people. So ultimately, in the end, this gigantic steaming heap of SARS (Sadopopulist Ammosexual Reality Show) isn’t Twitler’s fault. It’s the people’s. And man, right now it’s looking like the people are bleeping chowderheads. The Masses Are Asses.

Harshing your mellow? Looky. Poll Question 1: Has Mueller found any crimes yet? Fifty-nine percent of Americans said no. For real. Fifty-nine percent! Even if you just scan the headlines of a real newspaper once a week, you must know that five of Trump’s lackeys have already pleaded guilty to actual crimes (Flynn, Gates, Van der Zwaan, Popadopolous and Pinedo). This poll question should therefore be about as intellectually challenging as “What color is the sky?” And it’s not just ReTrumplicans who are in complete ostrichian denial on this one (85 percent No). Among Democratic respondents, 36 percent said No. Excuse me? Am I being gaslit? This is some big time Dumbass on display. Inexcusable.

Poll 2: Do you think millions of Americans voted illegally in 2016? Forty-eight percent of ’Pubs say yes, of course. But 23 percent of Democrats believe this pathetic bullshit that was completely fabricated by Trump. And 26 percent of Dems say they’re unsure?

It’s very clear the success of Spanky’s constant misinformation campaigns depend on America being dumber than the aforementioned sack of nostril pellets. This “lie continually until they believe it” approach appears to be racking up excellent results.