Tron: Legacy

Rated 1.0

While the original Tron is not the classic it’s now being touted as, it certainly had its charms. As for this sequel, it had a clever idea and squandered it by casting possibly the dullest leading man of the decade to shoulder the flick. Garrett Hedlund totally lacks charm and humor as Sam Flynn, son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who, like his dad, travels into a computer to play life or death games on “The Grid.” The novelty of seeing both young and old Jeff Bridges—a younger incarnation of him has gone rogue and looks to take over the world—wears off fast as your ears are treated to some of the worst movie dialogue since Avatar (although the Daft Punk soundtrack is probably the best thing about the movie). Worst of all is annoying Michael Sheen as some sort of cyber club’s MC—it’s like he’s starring in some really bad Cirque de Soleil—and the script’s tendency to give Bridges some aspects of his Big Lebowski Dude persona. Nothing, besides the music and the occasional visual effect, works in this movie, and it’s a total dud.