Triple Frontier

Rated 3.0

If you’re looking for a good, standard, meat-and-potatoes action-thriller to put into your Netflix queue, Triple Frontier is a safe—perhaps too safe—bet. After a one-week theatrical release, the movie is available for streaming. The latest debut offering from the streaming giant sends the likes of Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund, Pedro Pascal and Charlie Hunnam into the jungle to rob millions of dollars from the house of a South American cartel drug lord. Former Special Forces Operative Santiago “Pope” Garcia (Oscar Isaac) has become bored to death as a military adviser to south-of-the-border police making drug busts. During a particularly bloody mission, he overhears a captured dealer divulging the location of a drug lord’s personal home where he keeps all of his money. Pope gets to thinking, and then calls upon some of his former Special Ops buds to pay the kingpin a house call and relieve him of some of his dirty money—the catch being that this mission will be off the books and totally illegal. After years of military service and nothing to show for it, Pope and his buddies Redfly (Affleck), Ironhead (Hunnam), Ben (Hedlund) and Catfish (Pascal) are looking for a little payback. Tom “Redfly” Davis is the most reluctant at first, but a divorce and child support payments prompt him to flip and go all in. The actual mission is decent, tense filmmaking and the actors make it worthwhile. (Streaming on Netflix.)