Tricks and treats

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

I somehow forgot to mention this the last couple of weeks—too much Halloween and baseball excitement!—but Oct. 17 was our annual Best of Northern Nevada winners’ party, and it was a hoot.

Big thanks to RN&R office manager Lisa Ryan and our sales team for organizing the shindig. There was great food from India Kabab & Curry, winners of the increasingly competitive Best Indian Food category, and I can’t say enough about the lovely Elm Estate, a great venue for a party of that magnitude. Kudos to all involved, and thanks to all the big winners who took the time to come party with us. Always a treat to see so many of Reno’s best and brightest in one place. Eric Marks took a bunch of photos of the event, which are now up on the RN&R Facebook page, so check ’em out if you haven’t yet.

Unrelated: Man, you’ve got to feel for the folks who live on Marsh Avenue, which has somehow become the trick-or-treating destination in this city. We live close enough that we were able to walk over that way—the kids trick-or-treating as we went, but it’s pretty wild how large the crowd gets there. The streets were blocked off, and there was a steady stream of hundreds of costumed kids prowling the streets, parents—some beleaguered, some just as a excited as the kids—trailing behind them.

Judging from what I’ve heard from friends, it seems like every Halloween people are either bummed because they don’t get many trick-or-treaters at all or bummed because, like the residents of Marsh and other streets near it, they have to give out hundreds of dollars worth of candy every year.

Seems like people should just stick to their own neighborhoods and take the opportunity to get to know their owns neighbors rather than driving over to one neighborhood and draining all the sugar from it.