Trend alert

A supposed trend reportedly started by a Nevada photographer is attracting attention.

The trend, if it is one, is called Trash the Dress. It involves finding a suitable end for a woman’s wedding gown.

Las Vegas photographer John Michael Cooper takes photos of brides in their wedding dresses in settings that spell the end of those dresses. The New York Times this week ran a Cooper photo of a Christa DiPaulo Becker lying in a Nevada pond in her wedding gown and looking a bit like a floating corpse on the jacket of a gothic novel. The gown cost $2,500, and the photo ran under the headline, “Is this any way to treat Vera Wang?” The Times ran a gallery of such photos and observed, “Brides have long had an admittedly complicated relationship with their wedding gowns, which they struggle to find, spend a small fortune on, and sweat over making fit properly—all for a fabric confection that is typically worn once.”

The work of some photographers who do such shoots can be viewed at