Treasure chest of extras

As part of their ongoing series of classic reissues on DVD, Warner Brothers delivers The Treasure of the Sierra Madre in a fantastic two-disc package. Humphrey Bogart plays Dobbs, a fedora-wearing homeless man with a five-o’clock shadow that Steven Spielberg admits was partial inspiration for Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones. When Dobbs hooks up with a fellow drifter (Bob Curtin) in Mexico, they team with an old prospector (Walter Huston), head into the mountains and, in Dobbs’s case, let greed get the best of them. Director John Huston’s film feels a little dated at times, but it is great fun to watch Bogart take his best crack at craziness as the searing sun begins to cook his character’s brain. A morality play with some classic moments (this film coined the phrase, “We don’t need no badges!”), Treasure is a must see for Bogart fans.

Special Features: The double-disc is packed with features, including a John Huston documentary, and “Leonard Maltin Hosts Warner Night at the Movies,” an optional intro to the film including a trailer and classic Warner’s cartoon. The features, the likes of which can also be found as such other new releases as The Adventures of Robin Hood and Yankee Doodle Dandy, are plentiful, something that the classic films deserve. Also included is a radio broadcast of Treasure, featuring the voices of Bogart and Huston recreating their screen roles.

Movie: B+ Special Features: A