Two familiar fixtures in local journalism are experiencing job changes.

Veteran Reno news anchor Brent Boynton and KOLO News have parted company. Boynton’s authoritative timbre has been heard on both KTVN and KOLO during most of the past 13 years. He says he is now seeking to perform the same kind of service—getting information to the public—in some other calling.

“For 13 years I’ve been fortunate to have the feeling of serving the people of Northern Nevada instead of just working for TV station managers, and I hope that whatever I do next—and I don’t know yet what that is—will give me that same feeling of community service,” Boynton said.

He began working as a broadcast newsman in Reno in April 1993.

“I don’t watch much TV, but I always thought he was a classy guy,” Reno Gazette Journal columnist Howie Tune said of Boynton.

Tune is also going through a transition. His Sunday history column in the Reno Gazette-Journal has been cancelled. The column has brought history to the masses for many years, making historical events reader-friendly with clear and simple explanations. He has discussed events ranging from the Lizzie Borden murder case to the Silent Night ceasefire on the western front in the First World War.