Toy Story 3

Rated 5.0

The third and probably final installment in the saga of intrepid toys Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) is, once again, a complete charmer form Pixar. With their owner Andy getting prepared for college, the toy gang’s future could mean a life in the attic or a trip to the dump. Through some twists and turns, most of the gang winds up at a daycare center, where children don’t treat their toys with TLC. As it turns out, Andy has it in mind to take Woody along to college with him, but Woody takes it upon himself to attempt a rescue of his friends and jeopardize the future with his beloved owner. Some great new toys are introduced, including the voices of Michael Keaton as the infamous Ken doll, and Ned Beatty as a socially damaged teddy bear. The story is both heartwarming and exciting, leading up to a conclusion that could make your eyes rain. Yes, Pixar will make you cry for animated inanimate objects. An incredibly satisfying film and a nice boost for the dragging summer movie season.