Too close

We’ve already moved on from the relatively minor shooting incident at Rancho Tehama, 25 miles south of Red Bluff (relatively minor because the death count was but a paltry five, you know, no biggie). But we should stop for a second and reflect on just how close that whole incident was to being really bad—as in Sandy Hook bad. As in this madman was about 10 seconds away from charging into an elementary school with semi-automatic weapons. The only thing that prevented another school slaughter were the teachers, who heard shots in the area and instantly locked the school down. Estimates are that literally 10 seconds after they finished locking all the doors, this doomed spaceball roared up and tried to get in, but was thwarted by the lockdown. He hung around the Quad area of the school long enough to pump 100 wild, random shots into walls and windows, terrorizing all in the area. Then, in his twisted rage, he finally moved on, eventually being taken out by cops in the inevitable shootout.

He had the weapons. He had the ammo. He had the snapped, bloodthirsty mind. Had he entered that school, there could have been dozens of deaths. Maybe a hundred. We came that close. That close.

Not a tweet from Twitler about this incident. You know why? Because the shooter was, as usual, a white man. Another deranged, loner white madman, very possibly a Trumplodyte. Trump doesn’t give a shit about those. You can just visualize the illegitimate prick in the Oval Office, getting briefed by Jerkin’ John Kelly. “Sorry, Mr. President, but the shooter was white.” “Really? Not a camel jockey? Not a Mexican gangbanger?” “Sorry, sir.” “Shit! Shit! Shit!”

In other news, the Retardlican Party reminded us once again that it’s still The Enemy of The People. This new tax plan makes it obvious that the Greed of the One Percent is utterly unquenchable. It’s stunning. The One Percent owns anywhere from 35 to 45 percent of the wealth of America, which is nothing less than a total abomination, and, still, it’s not enough. They want more. And more. And more. It’s absolutely fucking insane.

Fortunately, this Reverse Robin Hood Tax Cut will get hosed in the Senate, because both Arizona senators are quite ready to tell Trump to go fuck himself. Way to work the room, Dum Dum. Heller? Useless tool. As usual. He’ll vote exactly the way Mitch/Twitler want. May he vanish in 2018.

On behalf of all zen secularists who are willingly participating in the Great Anti-Xmas Conspiracy … Happy Holidays.