To your health

Welcome to RN&R’s Women’s Health Guide

For the past few years, the issue that’s now in your hands was called the Breast Cancer Awareness Guide. It was a worthy effort, if we do say so ourselves, drawing attention to a disease that’s complicated, scary, and thankfully has one of the highest survival rates of cancers out there. We still think breast cancer is an important topic. But so are a lot of health issues affecting women, like ovarian cancer and the lengths some women go to avoid getting it. Then there’s pregnancy, a time when a woman starts paying more attention to her body than perhaps she ever has. Also, if you have a disease like breast cancer, where do you go for help? And what could the proposed health care bill they keep tossing around in Washington mean for women’s health, specifically when it comes to contraception, abortion and insurance coverage? This, our Women’s Health Guide, explores these topics in honor of October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and of all women. Take care.