Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Let me tell you a little about my weekend.

Friday night, I attended the performance of Las Mujeres de Juárez at the Nevada Museum of Art. It was a Spanish-language play (no supertitles like you sometimes see at operas). My Spanish is a bit rusty, but I was able to make out a good-enough chunk of what was going on to enjoy the performance. The mass murders of women in Juarez should be front-page world news, but it appears there are corporate reasons for keeping the killings of nearly 350 women since 1993 under wraps. Folks at UNR’s new Latino Research Center did a great thing importing this play, and I hope they bring more like it.

I’d like to remind everyone, though, to get us information about productions like this a few weeks in advance. Send arts-type announcements to our arts editor, <%mungeaddy"krisv@newsreview.com”, "Kris Vagner"%>, and, always remember to cc <%mungeaddy"kelleyl@newsreview.com”, "Kelley Lang"%>, our calendar editor.

Saturday, Boomtown Casino and Hotel was kind enough to invite me to participate in the Celebrity Lobster-eating Contest. (Talk about stretch of the word “celebrity.”) Not one to leave a dare unanswered, I, along with such “dignitaries” as Sparks Trib reporter Peter Schelden, KRNV news director Jon Killoran, and Sparks Mayor Gino Martini consented to the challenge. At stake was $1,000 for the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. Do I need to say who won? Or would you just like to see the lobster crown that’s residing on a shelf in my office?

Sunday morning, I went to the spring home and garden show at the Convention Center. Dang, if I had twice the money and half the time, I could really break the bank at that place. On the other hand, I spent the rest of my weekend in the garage, working on a steel fence, and I even put in some time weeding the garden. So far, I’ve done onions, spinach, strawberries and asparagus. Jealous?