Those tax and spend Democrats

I would like to be among the first to thank our government for giving each of us $600 or $1,200 (depending on marital status) this year in addition to our normal tax returns. But wait, there is always a catch, isn’t there?

The Democratic majority has decided it is time to raise taxes yet again. The government is giving you a stipend back this year, so please pat its representatives on the back. What they don’t want you to realize is that they are working on a tax increase that would raise taxes an average of $3,135 per household and raise the government’s cost $1.265 trillion over the next five years and $3.911 trillion over the next 10 years, according to the Heritage Foundation, a think tank that studies tax issues.

And all while doing this, the Democratic majority has decided not to get rid of a single wasteful program to help save money and decrease spending. Why bother doing that when they can just tax the citizens of this country to hell? Instead of budgeting a little better, the left has decided they want to tax us to no end, increasing taxes to 20.3 percent by 2018, the second highest level since World War II.

With an increase to 20.3 percent, the government might as well just take my paychecks; it’s not like I wanted them anyways. If this is the Democratic majority’s plan for helping our economic troubles, everyone needs to take a moment for a little chuckle. This proposed tax increase is ridiculous, wasteful and an insult to hard-working Americans.

If the Democratic majority had not chosen to abuse the system, we would not be in this predicament. Pork barrel spending needs to be cut back, as does free health care for illegal immigrants. Last time I checked, this was the home of the free, not the home of the freeloaders. Our system has become too sympathetic to the plight of people who have chosen to come here in contravention to our laws, people who have chosen to come here illegally.

Getting rid of health care for illegal immigrants would help reduce the deficit, and in turn, the House could rethink its budget for the upcoming fiscal year. In 1994, California spent $215.2 million on free health care to illegal immigrants. That was California alone, 14 years ago; take a second to imagine what it must be like across the country in these days of spiraling-upward costs. And the left has decided that taxpaying citizens need to take the brunt of this blow.

This is just one example of wasteful spending. There are many wasteful governmental programs hiding in the system, all with the ability to suck money out of our pocketbooks. This lack of responsibility from the majority party is pushing the public and the economy into a slump. The majority party wants to take our money, hoping we will turn a blind eye because they are giving us $1,200 per married household this year, but in turn, that majority party will suck us dry.

What the Democratic Party should be doing is working on a budget that does not raise taxes for citizens and businesses. The budget should be beneficial to the people and the economy, as well. Our country is in a slump, a recession, and the only way to get out of this situation is to boost the country’s economy and morale.

The Democratic majority is not looking at their budget for the upcoming fiscal year in a logical manner. Instead, they want to keep spending and are looking into our pockets for that money. Let’s just hope the president keeps his veto pen close at hand.