This fish is a little dry

After watching Tim Burton’s strange fairytale film again, I’m still not its biggest fan. Yet, I did manage to enjoy this story a bit more on second viewing. Albert Finney stars as a talkative character spinning yarns that turn his humdrum life into a full-blown Burton fantasy, much to the chagrin of his grouchy son (Billy Crudup). The stories are told in flashback, with a charismatic Ewan McGregor playing the younger Finney. The emotional content of this film still feels a bit hokey, but it is a visual feast, and the performances are first rate.

Special Features: Burton delivers another fun commentary, providing useful info with his trademark droll vocals. Plenty of behind-the-scenes stuff, and a Tim Burton trivia quiz called The Finer Points, make this a worthwhile purchase. Answer all of the trivia questions right, and you get a visual prize.

Movie: B-

Special Features: A-

DVD Geek Factor: 6