This and that

I was in a discussion about the latest in binge-worthy TV series. People were making various suggestions as to their hot and cool faves, and I realized, since I was drawing a blank, that I’ve been caught up for the last year in the most outrageous reality TV series ever. It’s called The Trump White House. The shit that goes down every week in this one is nuts! And last week had some killer porn action!

I Couldn’t Agree More, part 1—“The greatest threat to our nation’s well being is the GOP. Republicans now lie, cheat and cover for the incompetent and racist Trump. GOP/Trump can’t govern or even agree about how they want to rule. The 2018 election must begin the process of removing them, ending GOP rule.” That’s John Dean, Nixon’s legal counsel during Watergate, and an expert on Repub lying, cheating and covering.

A hearty blast on the Neon Babylon Kazoo of Happiness for the superb job various contractors and agencies did in reconstructing McCarran/Pyramid intersection in Sparks. Overwhelmed and frequently constipated, that intersection had become, in recent years, one of the busiest and orneriest in the Truckee Meadows. But now, the total reconstruction of this corner is just about done, and it’s large, spacious, efficient and beautiful. A nice piece of work that’s greatly appreciated by us Sparklers. Now, bring on the great Southeast Connector, which will open sometime before Memorial Day.

I Couldn’t Agree More, Part 2—“Ireland is a very nice country. France is a great country. Great Britain is a great country, but it’s not an idea. America is an idea, and it’s a great idea. And the world feels a stake in that idea. We want you, it, to succeed, which is why we become fucking obnoxious and shoot our mouths off about it. The world needs America to succeed, now more than ever.” That’s Bono, in the Jan. 11 issue of Rolling Stone.

The Resistance, Badass Pissed-Off Chick Division, just had another outrageously demonstrative, rockin’ weekend of gettin’ together and telling King Deplorable to piss off. Let’s not take lightly the reality that two million people hit our streets on Saturday, and that thoroughly impressive number was greatly complemented by hundreds of thousands of sisters and brothers in countries around the world who stand united with us in being bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the ReTrumplican Virus currently mutating and flailing about in our nation’s capitol. May November’s Wave of Blue Women be nothing less than a freaking tsunami. Possible billboard—“Vote Estrogen, Bitch!”