Thinking man’s hip-hop

There aren’t many hip-hop artists who have lectured at universities such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford. But KRS-One isn’t your average hip-hop artist. Nicknamed “The Teacher,” KRS-One (Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone) is known for his socially conscious and thought-provoking lyrics as heard in albums such as Criminal Minded, By All Means Necessary, Ghetto Music and Edutainment. While those albums popularized the hardcore hip-hop sound of the late 1980s and early 1990s, KRS-One hasn’t followed the “gangster” lifestyle that other hip-hop artists have portrayed. He’s considered one of the best lyricists in hip-hop and is respected by many in the music world for his work with diverse artists such as Shabba Ranks, Billy Bragg and R.E.M. While KRS-One doesn’t attract the fame and heavy rotation on MTV that people such as 50 Cent and Nelly do, he says that’s not his aim. “If you’re true to the upliftment of people and the unity of people, raising the self-worth of people, then you live within your means,” he told The Onion in a 2001 interview. KRS-One and opening act Element perform 10 p.m. Feb. 29 at Club Nero inside Caesars Tahoe, 55 Highway 50 at Stateline. Tickets are $18 in advance and $20 at the door. Call (800) 648-3353 or visit—Kelley Lang