Things We Lost in the Fire

Rated 3.0

Even though Halle Berry’s performance here is occasionally overwrought (It’s as if she is just begging to have another Oscar thrown at her.) Benicio Del Toro is total greatness as a heroin addict trying to deal with the death of his best friend. When a doting father (David Duchovny) is killed, his wife (Berry) asks his best friend to move into a spare room at her house. The premise sounds hokey, but director Susanne Bier keeps things feeling realistic and plausible. The film’s getting some criticism for its shaky cam, but it’s not bad at all. Del Toro really gets a chance to show his stuff here, and he’s more than up to the challenge. Duchovny makes the most out of a few minutes in the film, as does Alison Lohman, as a fellow addict trying to help Del Toro’s character. Not good enough to be a serious Oscar contender in Best Picture category, but good enough to see if you like powerhouse acting because Del Toro brings it.