The World’s Fastest Indian

Rated 4.0

Anthony Hopkins is an absolute delight as Burt Munro, a near 70-year-old New Zealander who took his 1920 Indian motorcycle to the U.S. in 1967 and showed a bunch of non-believers how to ride real fast. Based, unbelievably, on true events, Munro pulled off feats in his life that should’ve been impossible. But the old guy knew what to do with a wrench and a carving knife. His exploits at Bonneville, Utah are the stuff of great movies and the record books. Part exciting sports film, part buddy movie and part road movie, this one is a surprising treat that has warm surprises at every corner. Hopkins has had a wonderful career, and this role is one of his best. Familiar faces, like Diane Ladd, Bruce Greenwood and an especially great Paul Rodriguez, give director Roger Donaldson’s enjoyable film great flavor. This snuck in under the radar (much like Munro) and deserves an audience. See this film because it’s guaranteed to make you smile like crazy.