The Whole Ten Yards

Rated 1.0 I now stand embarrassed and ashamed that I gave a good review to this film’s predecessor, The Whole Nine Yards. What was mildly funny in the original becomes tedious and embarrassing in this sequel. Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis had some decent comic timing in the original, but that may’ve been because somebody snuck some crack into my soda while I was watching it. There is nothing funny about what they do here, as Perry’s dentist character once again finds himself running around with Willis’ hitman. Amanda Peet’s career momentum comes to a screeching halt with her wholly undisciplined turn as Willis’ itchy-trigger-finger wife. Kevin Pollak should never be allowed to act again after his portrayal of Lazlo Gogolak, a crime lord with an accent that is part William Hickey in Prizzi’s Honor and part Moronie from Johnny Dangerously (the guy who called everyone “Fargin’ Iceholes!”). Perry should go the Matt LeBlanc route and get a series based on his Friends character because he sucks at the movies.