The war at home

The five-year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq isn’t part of the election dialog, but its signs and symbols are all over Reno

March 19 will mark the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. In the weeks leading up to the anniversary, it seems news of the war has fallen off the front pages of the national media in favor of economic woes, housing woes and employment woes. And then there’s the election. Not to belabor the obvious, but those economic woes, housing woes and employment woes and election news are, by no stretch of the imagination, war news, but that’s the topic for some other editorial.

But look around. It seems this war is almost as forgotten as the war in Afghanistan. Where did all the yellow magnetic ribbons go? The red, white and blue flags that sprouted like spring blossoms went away with the cold winter winds. Maybe we’ve just become so accustomed to camouflage pants and Old Glory that we no longer look at them but see right through them

And yet—for those with eyes to see—the signs, symbols and people who are fighting the war or fighting against the war are all around us.

This year, to commemorate the beginning of the sixth year as an occupying force in Iraq, RN&R photographer David Robert looked throughout our community for the images that show us that despite the lack of headline news, the war in Iraq is still being fought here in Northern Nevada.

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