The Ugly Truth

Rated 1.0

Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler make for the most uninteresting and irritating screen pair in this tedious, sometimes hideous comedy. Heigl plays Abby, an early morning news show producer who is in a rut, both professionally and in the bedroom. Her boss shocks her by hiring Mike, a misogynistic cable access show host who gives males brutish advice on how to bag women. After a rough start, the two start communicating, and Mike pulls the old Cyrano routine for her, giving her advice through a headset as she tries to impress her hot neighbor. This all leads up to Mike and Abby making out in an elevator, with very little in the way of laughter along the way. Heigl and Butler have zero chemistry, with Heigl’s character coming off as supremely unlikable. The American accent Butler attempts makes him sound like somebody from a movie spoofing the Mafia. The humor is crude, and not in a good way.