The Trainwrecks are anything but

True to their word, The Trainwrecks get people dancing. During a recent performance, the band said they’d get people dancing and a few minutes later, people were swinging their hips. “People need to dance,” says double bassist Anthony “Mr. A” Wood, “and we’re the cure.”

One of the few rockabilly bands in Reno, The Trainwrecks will open for Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys with a set of feel-good, swinging rockabilly music. Just watching this band makes you happy. Wood twirls his double bass, while guitarist Eric Peterson puffs on a rolled up cigarette, evoking the iconic James Dean. The backup singers (and sisters), Ciara “Lulou” Impala and Brytt “BeBe” Adamson, snap and sing “bee-bop, bee-bop!” while wearing ruffled lace bobby socks and the tightest black pencil skirts. Wesley rounds out the band with shades and a rockin’ “daddio” voice.

The band has finally reached their stride, having significantly added to their lineup. The result is they’re tearing up Reno’s rockabilly scene (or making one, for that matter) with a long line of cover songs and originals that take their cue from notables such as Elvis, Ray Charles, Johnny Burnette and Wanda Jackson. At the end of the show, it’s clear the Trainwrecks are anything but.