The To-Do List

Rated 4.0

Writer-director Maggie Carey has put together a shockingly naughty sex comedy set in the early '90s and featuring female protagonists. Aubrey Plaza continues her cinematic wonder streak as Brandy, class valedictorian and super virgin. After some discussions with her best buds (Alia Shawkat and Sarah Steele), she decides she needs to make a sex “to-do“ list to ready her for the rigors of college life. This results in a lot of awkward sex acts among high school grads, with some of them performed by best bud and secret admirer, Cameron (Johnny Simmons). Brandy gets a summer job as a lifeguard, where she pines for Rusty Waters (Scott Porter) and works for a deadbeat boss (the hilarious Bill Hader, Carey's husband). Plaza proves she's game for anything, including a fantastically crude play on the Caddyshack “doodie” scene, and all sorts of bodily fluid exercises. Clark Gregg just may be this year's funniest movie dad, and Rachel Bilson scores uproarious laughs as Brandy's bitchy sister. As far as the summer goes, this one has the most laughs per minute, and I can't wait to see what Carey comes up with next. She writes a mean script.