The Three Stooges

Rated 2.0

The Three Stooges:Peter and Bobby Farrelly have been trying to get this thing made for many years. There were times when high profile actors such as Sean Penn and Jim Carrey were attached to the project. What finally makes it to the screen is a cast of talented people giving it their all with a script that lets them down. Sean Hayes is especially amazing as Larry, while Chris Diamantopoulos and Will Sasso do good jobs as Moe and Curly respectively. The problem here is that the writers rely on dumb jokes involving Jersey Shore, and most of the cast surrounding the Stooges—with the exception of Larry David doing fine work as a grouchy nun—has nothing worthwhile to do. The slapstick hits are often quite good, but there’s just no story worth watching, and things get a little tedious by the time the credits roll—too bad, because there’s actual potential for consistent fun with the new Stooges. As performers, the three new guys do the originals proud, even if their movie falls short.