The three commandments

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using dating services

1. Protect Thyself

Safeguard your identifying information during the first few meetings by phone, computer or in person. Don’t give out your last name, address or place of work. Use the caller ID blocking feature provided by the phone company; the small charge for this service pays for the security it provides. Meet for the first time in a public place, like a cafe. Try to meet during the day, so that many people will see you in the parking lot as you leave.

2. Know Thyself

Know what you expect from a date and from a relationship. Know what you hope for from a date and from a relationship. Know what kind of relationship you want. Know what you want from someone. Know who you are and what you bring to a date, a friendship and a relationship. Know how much time, energy and commitment you are willing to invest to make your dreams come true.

3. Distinguish Thyself

Know your competition. Stand out from the competition. Show your uniqueness through the medium of the dating service. For example, emphasize your voice in a phone service or your writing skills in an Internet service. Highlight your special qualities, and don’t repeat too many characteristics mentioned by your competition.