The Terminal

Rated 1.0 After a 13-year streak of cinematic goodness, Steven Spielberg has made a drastically bad film with The Terminal, a movie that had me sitting, mouth agape and eyes wide open, wondering how one of the all-time great directors could make such a piece of garbage. The only time Spielberg truly sucks is when he unleashes his Cutesy Monster, and the little bastard rears its ugly head in mighty brash fashion with this one. Tom Hanks stars as Eastern European tourist Viktor Navorski, delayed at a New York City airport when a war breaks out in his homeland of Krakozhia (a fictional country created for the film). Armed with the cutest darned Russian/whatever accent and carrying a Planters peanuts can, Viktor must take up residence in the airport terminal due to a bunch of immigration law snafus. Catherine Zeta-Jones is atrocious as a stewardess who falls for Viktor, delivering what will qualify as one of the year’s worst performances. Stupid, senseless and useless. A waste of good talent.