The Switch

Rated 2.0

This is one of those impossible scenario movies trying to play off as real life, and it just doesn’t work, even though stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman give it their best shot. The two are highly likeable as a couple of best friends who have never taken the big step, and things get further complicated when the Aniston character decides to have a baby and needs a sperm donation. She decides against asking for Bateman’s sperm and settles for the sperm of Patrick Wilson (who, let’s admit, must have pretty damn impressive sperm). At her impregnation party, a drunken Bateman switches the samples, and you can guess where things go from here. It’s hard watching good actors labor in crap like this, but I have big hopes for Aniston, who has some impressive future projects on her plate, including a jaunt with the awesome Paul Rudd and David Wain in the soon to shoot Wanderlust. I found myself wanting to see Bateman and Aniston in something better, and it looks like we might get our chance with Horrible Bosses, in which they both star. This one is mostly tolerable because of its stars. Not awful, but not nearly what they deserve.