The Sundays

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

There are those of you who’ll think I’m crazy, but I love to wake up before dawn on Sundays. There are probably those of you who already thought I was crazy, and an even bigger proportion who never considered my mental integrity at all, but let’s just say for the moment that a lot of people like to sleep in on Sundays.

This particular Sunday is Earth Day in Reno, and my mind is full of all the things I hope to accomplish today. For one, I need to write an Editor’s Note, and I haven’t even thought of a topic for that. I also have to finish stringing twine on my hops trellises, mow the lawn, lift weights at the gym, vacuum the floors in my house, visit Earth Day at Idlewild Park, write a Greenspace item or two, finish up my story on the trials and tribulations of hoophouse building, maybe write Filet of Soul, pick up some odds and ends from Home Depot, get my spinach and lettuce in the ground, and spend some time working on the bios on our Facebook site, ( I could put peppers and another tomato in my hoophouse. Can you believe it got to 105 degrees in there yesterday?

Yesterday, too, was a busy day. I spent the early part of the day helping build a stage at High Desert Montessori while Hunter was in a fencing tournament at Reno Silver Blades Fencing Academy. I’m pretty handy, but I don’t have a lot of professional experience in construction with lumber, so it was gratifying to work with power tools like a nail gun and table saw. I did manage to sunburn my head. (OK, this is funny and a true parenthetical statement: Prometheus, my cat, just brought a live sparrow into Hunter’s room. The sparrow was released into the air off the back deck, another beneficiary of a beautiful Sunday.)

So far, so good. I think the only entity that’s going to be disappointed with this Sunday is the cat.