The sporting life

Back the Pack is more than just a catchphrase at UNR; it is UNR

Blue Crew member Colin Falk encourages UNR students to be more than spectators.

Blue Crew member Colin Falk encourages UNR students to be more than spectators.

Photo By David Robert

One of the perks of being a University of Nevada, Renostudent is getting free tickets to sporting events. That’s right. I used the f-word. Free.

The only thing you need to do before a game is take a hike to the Lawlor Events Center (bring your student ID) and pick up your free ticket. The only catch is, on important games like UNR vs. UNLV, you should go far in advance to guarantee getting a ticket. Otherwise, you may have to pay up to $22 just to get into one game.

Because the games are free for students, it makes it even easier to show your school spirit and really get involved with activities on campus.

“It’s really important that the Wolfpack gets all the support we need,” said UNR football player Barrett Reznick. “If we don’t have any fans, then it’s just not the same.”

Even though football and basketball are the most publicized sports at UNR, there are still many that need cheering on. UNR also has soccer, baseball, softball, cross-country and more.

Another fun thing that students at UNR get really involved in is Blue Crew. The Blue Crew encourages UNR students to be more than spectators. By joining the Blue Crew, you can actively contribute to the traditions of the University of Nevada by helping to create an exciting game atmosphere full of enthusiastic students at all Wolf Pack athletic events.

“Being part of the Blue Crew is great,” said Blue Crew member Colin Falk. “Everyone gets really into it, and the more people we get, the better. The main thing to remember is to wear blue. If you don’t wear blue to a game, be prepared to pay the consequences.”

Blue Crew members earn points for each event they attend and participate in. The Blue Crew Executive Board tracks the points. Points are redeemed for prizes provided by sponsors. Members can also earn extra points by attending athletic events over holiday breaks, traveling to events away from the University of Nevada campus and volunteering to help at Blue Crew events. Joining the Blue Crew is easy. Any University of Nevada student can become a member by attending a Blue Crew event.