The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Rated 3.0 While this big-screen adaptation of the kooky cartoon character is harmless enough, stretching SpongeBob out into a 90-minute movie could get a might bit tedious for those who find him a little grating. As voiced by Mr. Show alumni Tom Kenny, SpongeBob goes on a quest to rescue King Neptune’s crown, stolen by the evil Plankton (Mr. Lawrence … yes, that’s his name) as part of a plot to rule the world. Bob is joined by Patrick the starfish (Bill Fagerbakke) as they travel the perilous road to Shell City, pursued by evil assassin Dennis (Alec Baldwin) and at one point assisted by a heroic, live-action David Hasselhoff. While it has its slow spots, and the Goofy Goober song is sung way too many times, it has an offbeat, original and upbeat spirit. Plankton is a great evil creation, and Patrick’s numbskull persona is a winner. Being that this one had a huge opening, further adventures on the big screen are pretty much guaranteed.