The Snobs

Stepping Large, Laughing Easy

Rock ’n’ friggin’ roll! The Snobs are one of the best additions to Sacramento’s music scene, and this CD captures the energy they bring to every show. It’s a blistering rock-music martini, garnished with a couple of olives and a punk twist. The band is powered solidly by guitarist Andrew Marks, bassist Jerome Stannard and drummer Mike Cordano. But what brings the spark here is Jason Boggs’ vocals. He has a good sense of melody and timing, and a wee hint of vodka and smoke in the quality of his voice. Boggs gives the music a personality, which so many bands seem to lack these days. The 13 tracks here range from pretty good to burning hot, with highlights being “Fuck It Hook Me Up,” “Riot,” “Sludge” and “Bare Minimum.” Pour this musical cocktail in your CD player, take a taste and prepare to rock out!