The Sitter

Jonah Hill, riding high on this year’s excellent Moneyball performance, goes back to Superbad mode for this one as Noah, a slacker adult stuck babysitting some scary kids for the evening. The film has deservedly drawn comparison to Adventures in Babysitting, the ’80s cult classic . Director David Gordon Green, who gave us the wonderful Pineapple Express, shot an unholy misfire this year with the middling medieval farce, Your Highness. I count Your Highness as one of the year’s biggest disappointments. Now comes The Sitter, Green’s third comedy feature in a row, and his second this year, after starting his career with evocative, effective dramas like All the Real Girls and George Washington. While it represents an improvement and a few more laughs per hour than Your Highness, it’s still not worth your time. Hill’s shtick gets a little tired after the first half hour.