The Simpsons Movie

Rated 4.0

Homer Simpson adopts a cute pig, dubs him “Spider Pig,” and dumps his pig crap in a Springfield lake, causing an ecological disaster. The federal government drops a dome on Springfield, causing Homer and his brood to be ostracized. Eventually, they wind up in Alaska. Who really cares about plot with a Simpsons movie? I just want to see the crazy cat lady and many scenes with the Spider Pig, and the film delivers both. If you are not a fan of the show, stay the hell away because this is just more of the same. Luckily for the fans, “the same” would be funny, nasty comedy delivered via hilariously primitive animation. While it might not be a stand-alone classic, it fits snugly into the Simpsons universe, and that’s a good thing. May there be many more TV shows and movies to come. Film contains an outstanding Tom Hanks cameo.