The Roommate

Rated 1.0

A college freshman (Leighton Meester) shows up on campus all doe-eyed, and meets her new, mysterious roommate (Minka Kelly) who will eventually put their kitten in the dryer. This one is very much like Single White Female, and many other movies about clingy people who have stopped taking their meds. Meester and Kelly are fun to look at, and they might even be able to act, but there isn’t any real evidence of that in this movie. It’s just a bunch of cheap, predictable scares and, worst of all, Billy Zane reminding us why his career has gone to shit. And somebody needs to tell actor Cam Gigandet to stop it with the James Dean expressions. Your eyes can do things besides squinting, and you are going to get some major lines on your forehead. Take it from a squinter, it will happen.